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How to Buy a House: the whole process in 11 steps

Buying a house or investing in the Real Estate business is often seen as a difficult or complicated process.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. When you know the process and understand how it works, it will go by smoothly and you’ll get it done faster. If you plan ahead and work with an experienced Real Estate agent, even better.

Why not star right now? To make it easier for beginners, we’ve created a checklist of the 11 essential steps you need to take to buy a new home.

Improve your knowledge about the 11 steps right now by downloading our Beguinner’s Guide.


1 – Pre-approval

2 – Looking for your Real Estate

3 – Offer and Negotiation

4 – Home Inspection

5 – Signing the Purchase and Sale Contract

6 – Signing the Bank Application

7 – Documentation for your Loan

8 – Final Bank Approval

9 – Home Repair Inspection

10 – Signing the Closing Papers

11 – Moving into your Dream Home

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